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Off Leash Obedience Programs

Our Off Leash obedience programs teach Advanced / Off Leash commands. This is our second
course that we offer to fully train your dog for off lead control. You may not desire to walk your
dog down the street off lead, but what about dog parks? Social gatherings at your home or someone else's ? Wouldn't it be nice to have your dog under full command control no matter where you take them? These are some of the commands that we offer to make that a reality.
Those commands include:

  Off Leash Heel / Field training
Off Leash Obedience
  Automatic Sit

  Sit-Stay from a distance

  Down-Stay from a distance

  Come with finish to Heel

  Place command off leash

   Property Boundaries of the front,
       back yard or both

  Poison proofing if desired

This program is always done after the Basic Obedience program and teaches your dog all commands without the necessity of a leash. In the advanced obedience we will also teach your dog the Boundaries of your home and yard .This allows you dog to freely roam and play in your yard and not cross over the boundary lines that you choose. Boundaries can be used in the front or back of the home and is to be used ONLY when you can supervise the dog.

Practice is the key to any successful training program

Meet one of our graduated students, Nestle the German Shepherd. He is demonstrating off leash obedience. The commands start in a long "Sit and Stay" position and then is being called from approximately 40 yards away and performs several commands. He does anticipate a command but quickly recovers from what he think the next command will be. This takes a lot of practice from the owner and the training skills from All American Dog Training to get this type of performance.

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