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Property Boundary

Have you ever just wanted to have your dog be around in the front or back yard without being on a leash? With property boundary training your dog can be in a social or family gathering without wandering off. Your dog can be in the front yard watching life, people, dogs and other distractions pass by your front porch or garage without the use of electronics collars or wires around your home. To achieve property boundaries, our Off Leash Training program must be completed.

  Teaching Boundary

Dave is starting the preliminary stages of property boundary training. There are several steps to complete before we turn the dog loose and trust that it can stay within the confinement of the front or the back yard. If you happen to move or change landscaping, property training is completely transferable to different locations and property line layout.

This allows you dog to freely roam and play in your yard and not cross over the boundary lines that you choose. Boundaries can be used in the front or back of the home and is to be used ONLY when you can supervise the dog.

Boundary training is only to used when you can supervise your dog. Dogs that are left unattended for any length of time with become instinctive be nature and may wander.

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